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Kinesiology tape (KT) (Kase et al 2003, Kase et al 1996)

KT was developed in Japan in the 70s by a man named Kenzo Kase. The tape, which is attached to the skin, is thinner and more elastic than conventional tape. It can be stretched to 120–140% of its original length, producing a lesser mechanical restraint and less restriction of mobility than conventional tape.


  • normalisation of muscular function
  • increase in lymphatic and vascular flow
  • reduction in pain
  • contribution to correcting possible joint misalignments

KT can be applied as an adjunct to aid the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments involving manual therapy and tailored exercises. It can be applied in conditions such as low back pain, tennis/golfers elbow, neck pain, patella femoral pain syndrome, muscle strains, plantar fasciitis and many more.


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