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Medical Assessments

Action Plus Physiotherapy is now certified to carry out full medical assessments. This assessment will include full medical questioning and surveying and investigations into lung function, occular and auditory function as well as chest auscultation and abdominal assessments.

Drug testing is an included component of this assessment and consists of saliva sampling, urinalisis and alcohol breath testing.

Musculoskeletal assessment will also be conducted to predominantly assess strength and includes a lifting component, core testing and cardiovascular function.

It is optional to only complete one component of the above medical assessment (for example, drug testing) therefore costing will be determined accordingly.

Action Plus Physiotherapy is happily working within the industrial sector and performing pre-employment medical assessments on a weekly basis.

For more information or to request personal or pre-employment medical assessments for your company please call us on 9837 4440.


Additional testing

Action Plus Physiotherapy offers individualised testing without having to complete a full pre-employment medical assessment.

Do you need to have your hearing tested? Does your company need someone to conduct drug and alcohol testing for employees? Would you like to have your fitness tested prior to starting a new fitness program? Then give us a call!


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