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Pre/Post Natal Education and Exercise

Being fit will help you to cope with the demands of motherhood, labour, delivery and recovery.

Designed for all ages, pregnant or post natal, incorporating an exercise component - aerobic, strengthening, core stability/pilates and an educational component on nutrition, pelvic floor exercises and strength, safe exercises, backcare, posture & more.

Combat common pregnancy related conditions such as back pain and leg cramps by improving muscular and vascular strength!

Taking only 45 mins, each class will be run by one of our female physiotherapists, who both have extensive experience in women's health and exercise prescription, and will be kept small, with a maximum of 6 ladies, in order to ensure plenty of 1:1 attention.

Cost:$20 per class.
Please note that a full initial physiotherapy Assessment is essential prior to commencement of this class.



For mums and dads, expecting parents, grandparents and caregivers. Learn all the different strokes, how to bond & communicate with baby, help sooth and relax, improve colic and sleeping patterns.

We encourage expecting parents to attend in order to gain as much practice as possible before babies arrival. Please note- this class will only operate upon request.


Personalised infant massage

As of next month, Action Plus Physiotherapy will hold workshops quarterly and classes for those interested in learning baby massage.

This class gives you a unique opportunity to set aside time to do something nice for you and your baby, and to bond with each other through practising different massage techniques, and to meet other new mums at the same time.




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